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美联英语怎么样:外贸函电-询盘 报盘 投诉

2015-02-02 17:20   类别:口语   来源:   责编:Dong

本期美联英语给大家带来外贸函电-询盘 报盘 投诉,欢迎阅读!

Enquiry 询盘(a) Dear sir,

  We have seen your advertisement in the New Asia Journal and are particularly interested in your portable typewriters, but we require a machine suitable for fairly heavy duty.

  Please send me your current illustrated catalogue and a price list.

  Your faithfully




  Enquiry 询盘(b) Dear Sir,

  We are a leading dealer in waterproof garments in this city. Our customers have expressed interest in your raincoats and enquired about their quality.

  Provided quality and price are satisfactory there are prospects of good sales here, but before placing a firm order we should be glad if you would send us, on fourteen days approval, a selection of mens and womens raincoats. Any of the items unsold at the end of the period, and which we decide not to keep as stock, would be returned at our expense.

  We look forward to hearing from you soon.





  Reply 报盘(a) Dear Sir,

  We were very pleased to receive your letter of 5th April answering our advertisement for typewriters and, as requested, enclose a copy of our latest illustrated catalogue and current price list.

  We think the Portable 95 is a machine that would suit your purpose very well. It weighs 6.5 kg and is a bit heavier than the usual portable, but it is good for heavy duty and at the same time conveniently portable when carried in its case.

  We have one of these machines in stock and we shall be pleased to arrange for you to try it.

  Although costs have been rising since March, we have not yet raised our pries, but may have to do so when present stocks run out. We therefore advise you to place your order with us at once.






  Reply 报盘(b) Dear Sir,

  Thank you for your letter of 10th March. We are gratified to receive your request for men and womens raincoats on approval.

  As we have not previously done business together, perhaps you will kindly agree to supply either the usual trade references, or the name of a bank to which we may refer. As soon as these enquiries are satisfactorily settled, we shall be happy to send you the items you mention in your letter.

  W sincerely hope this will be the beginning of a long and pleasant business association. We shall do our best to make it so.





  Complaint 投诉 Dear Sir,

  On 5th October I bought one of your expensive Apollo fountain pens from Julians, a big department store of this town. Unfortunately I have been unable to use the pen because it leaks and fails to write without making blots. I am very disappointed with my purchase.

  On the advice of Julians manager I am returning the pen to you and enclose it with this letter for correction of the fault.

  Please arrange for the pen to be fixed or replace it with a new one and send it to me as soon as possible.





  Settlement of Complaint 对投诉的处理 Dear Sir,

  美联英语学习网   英语口语8000句   商务英语口语900句   英语听力练习Thank you for your letter of 9th October enclosing the defective Apollo fountain pen, received today. We very much regret that the pen you bought has given your trouble.

  Normally each of our pens is individually examined before being passed into store and it is hard to understand why this one escaped examination. We have passed your pen to our quality control department for inspection and a report. Meanwhile, we are arranging to replace your pen with a new one.

  We extend our apologies for the inconvenience this matter has caused you, but are confident that the replacement pen you will be receiving will prove satisfactory and give you the service you are entitled to expect from our products.






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